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ABOUT THENURSINGJOURNAL.COM was launched in January 2020 to help nursing students excel through their courses and start their careers. Since our launch, we’ve helped thousands of students from all over the world to excel in their exams, assignments, thesis and practical placements.


As a student and as a graduate, nurses are expected to multitask and deliver excellent care within a very stressful environment. Hence it is only fitting that our mascot is Nurse Octopus. Even though we don’t have eight arms, we run around and carry tasks as if we did!



Nurse Miriana graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2017 from the University of Malta. She then progressed to achieve her Master’s Degree in Clinical Research in 2019 from Newcastle University. Over the past years, Miriana has worked in several clinical areas, including Medical/Surgical Wards, Anaesthesia Units, Community Nursing and Schools.


During her time in nursing school, Miriana noted that many students, including herself, struggled to find reliable nursing notes that were easy to understand and follow. Moreover, after graduating, she noted a considerable gap between what is taught in school and what is needed to work as a highly competent nurse. With these two challenges in mind, she created, a website that supplies evidence-based and easy-to-read nursing notes.

DISCLAIMER writes evidence-based articles which are intended for the sole purpose of education. The information presented by should not be used to diagnose, prescribe medication or treat any health issues or illnesses. The information available on does not substitute the advice of a licenced medical professional or the need for licenced medical care.


The articles are valid on the day of publishing, but given that the medical field is constantly discovering new and better approaches, the same articles may not remain valid the day after. or Nurse Miriana are not liable for any errors, injuries or damages arising from its use.


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