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10 things you should know about Nurses!

Updated: May 20, 2022

If you are a nurse, I am sure you can relate to this article. But perhaps you should share it with your friends so they can learn a thing or two about nurses.

1. We are continuously saving your butt

You have no idea how many mistakes we find during our shift. Seriously, we come across doctors that don’t know about your allergy or prescribe medications with the wrong dose.

We also have eyes in the back of our head so we can see when you’re about to fall, and we will sprint to catch you.

2. Nurses are not easily impressed

We have seen it all. Whether you are a biker with an open fracture or a grandma with an insane rash, we will gladly chat with you as we fix you up.

3. We know when you’re lying, but we will play along

The amount of lies we hear every day is ridiculous. We get people who “accidentally fell on an apple and got it stuck in their butt”, others with chest pain when taken under police custody, and the old guy with a blood sugar level through the roof who swears that he didn’t eat any sweets.

But hey, we don’t judge. So, no matter what mess you’ve gotten yourself into we are here to help.

4. If you have beef with one of us, then you have a problem with all of us

This is so true! If you call one nurse a bitch, then rest assured that the whole team will know and you will be known as the rude one. So, make sure you’re on your best behaviour now cause we are all eyeing you like a hawk.

5. Nurses can not control everything that happens

Unlike what you think, we do NOT have any control over the horrible hospital food, a late visit from the doctor, strikes by the labs, or cancelled surgeries. Newsflash: yelling at us doesn’t give us the power to improve any of these things!

6. Trust us

We might be difficult sometimes by not letting you in before visiting hours, but trust that what we do is for the benefit of the patients. Our rules are there to allow patients to rest and recover adequately.

So, when we tell you not to give ice-cream to your friend who just came up from surgery just trust us, or else go ahead and wipe the vomit off the floor yourself.

7. We have a strange sense of humour

The amount of crazy stuff that we see every day is astonishing. We work with people who are dying, people who are a pain in the ass, others who have the weirdest bowel movements ever! You’ll notice that we don’t mind talking about poop while eating a warm chocolate brownie.

8. We believe in the full moon phenomena

Holy moly! Working night shifts when it’s a full moon is a deadly sport. Patients seem to go crazy, and the work is somehow triple on nights with a full moon.

9. Sometimes nurses lie for you

We know when you need space, or when you want that extra jello. So we don’t mind telling your friends and family that they aren’t allowed to visit today, or that your previous jello fell on the floor.

10. We have a love-hate relationship with our job

Despite the continuous stress and harassment that we get as nurses, we wouldn’t change it for the world. We might leave our day shift complaining about the horrible shift we just had, only to return the next day and say that we love our job.

Did you find this article interesting? Find out if Nursing is for you!

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