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How to Ace your Nursing Exams in Just 3 Steps!

Updated: May 23, 2022

Nursing Exams can be pretty hard. And let’s face it if you are reading this article you’re probably not the type of person who has all the notes in order and has been studying since day 1.

But fear not! This article is going to change your life!

Through ridiculous amounts of wrong studying methods and a whole lot of time wasting, The Nursing Journal has come up with the ultimate hacks for you to get an A in your Nursing Exam.

Let’s get right to it,

1. Practice Multiple Choice Questions

This method is excellent for the Procrastinators who leave studying to the very last minute. (It also works for the other people who plan ahead ?)

As you all know, most nursing schools are now opting for MCQs (multiple choice questions). This method makes it easier for them to correct and easier for you to fail because you can not wing it with MCQs.

Luckily for us, there is a website called Nurse Labs. It is an Americanised way of nursing, and it has hundreds of MCQ tests on any subject you can think of. All tests are FREE, and you can re-take them a million times. You can find the tests on this link, at the bottom of the page:

Go through their lists, and print out all the tests that have to do with your Nursing Exams. After you study their questions and answers, try to take the online test yourself.

Keep doing this until you get 100% on their test. When you get to 100% or realistically over 85%, you are good to go.

2. Pretend you are a teacher and you have stupid students

This method works best when you have a couple of weeks before your exam.

As you go through your notes, stop after every paragraph and pretend like you are explaining it to someone who has no knowledge of nursing.

If you manage to explain what you just read in your own words then Bravo! You have understood the concept. If you don’t succeed then you have to go back and reread it, maybe look at The Nursing Journal’s Study Resources, or find some more videos online.

It is crucial to actually understand what you are studying and not learn it by heart. This will allow you to think and reason out the questions during the nursing exams. And when you do eventually graduate it will come in handy when you are explaining something to your patient.

3. Practice with your friends

Before doing this, make sure you are both committed to studying; otherwise, you are just going to end up chatting and not get any work done.

Ok so this is how it works, you will need:

  1. A Friend (does not have to be in nursing with you, but must be willing to help), your Mum is good too

  2. Your Notes

  3. The MCQs from NurseLabs

Now that you have all items get your friend to look at your notes and ask you random questions. Of course for this to work, you need to answer, and if you get it wrong, check the correct answer.

Once you have gone through all your notes, get your friend to ask you the MCQs from NurseLabs. If you really want to own your Nursing Exams, tell your friend to reword the questions and change their order.


Ok and there you have it! If you study in these 3 ways, you will definitely get an A in your Nursing Exams. Let us know if you have any more tips and tricks!!

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