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How to Become a Qualified Nurse in the EU

Updated: May 23, 2022

Do you want to join the excitement and graduate as a qualified nurse within the EU? Great! Many options will help you achieve that. This article will highlight your opportunities to graduate as a nurse from Malta and be recognized in all European countries.

But before we get into it, you should understand that it does not matter which pathway you choose because eventually, they will all lead to the same spot: A graduate nurse.  And with that, you will have endless opportunities to work in several hospitals, clinics and home-based care.

* The options listed here are based on the Maltese Education System, provided by the University of Malta. *

The courses have several similarities, they all:

  1. Need 3 years to complete

  2. Are made up of theory and practice

  3. Request a copy of your police conduct before enrollment

  4. Request a medical fitness test before enrolment

Option 1: University of Malta – Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Nursing Studies

Option 2: MCAST – Bachelor of Science in Nursing Studies

Both courses will give you a solid base to start building your nursing career. Over the course of 3 years, you will learn the basic theory and skills necessary to work as a nurse in hospitals and primary care.

Where can you work?

With a bachelor’s degree in Nursing, you will become a qualified nurse in the EU. You can work in all local and European hospitals, clinics, primary care and home care. The only limitation that you will have is that many countries will require fluency in their national language.

Entry Requirements:

University of Malta

To apply for the bachelor’s course, you first need to be accepted in the university. This means that you need to have the A- levels and I- levels exams (The MATSEC exams). The Maltese University system will allocate points to your grades, and a total of 44 points are required to be accepted at the University.

Or You can also apply for the course if you have an MCAST Advanced Diploma in Health Science and an MCAST Level 5 Award in Health Sciences.


MCAST Advanced Diploma in Health Sciences or MCAST Advanced Diploma for Pharmacy Technicians

Or A-Level passes and 2 I-Level passes Preferred A-Levels: Biology, English, Psychology, Sociology, Chemistry Preferred I-Levels: Chemistry, Mathematics, Sociology

Option 3: Graduate in a Bachelor of Science in Mental Health Nursing.

If you have a special interest in psychiatric nursing, then this is the right course for you. This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills that you will need, when working with individuals that experience mental health illnesses. Similar to the general bachelor’s course, you will have to complete a dissertation that focuses on psychiatry.

Where can you work?

With this course you will become a qualified psychiatric nurse in the EU, so you can work in all local and European psychiatric hospitals and psychiatric services.

Entry Requirements:

This course has the same requirements as a Bachelor in Science (Hons.) Nursing.

Option 4:  Preparatory Course for Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Nursing

If you really want to join one of the Nursing Schools, but you don’t have the necessary qualifications don’t panic! Instead join the Prep course, which is a 1 year course aimed at creating a bridge between your qualifications and the University of Malta’s requirements.

Entry Requirements:

To be accepted in the prep course, you need passes in six O-levels (Secondary Education Certificate Examination) in six subjects, including Maltese, English, Maths, and Biology at grade 3 or better

Or passes in six O-levels (Secondary Education Certificate Examination) in six subjects, including: Maltese, English, Maths, and either Biology or Health and Social Care together with a pass in Advanced Level in any other subject

Or MCAST-BTEC Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care (Health Studies)

Or MCAST Advanced Diploma in Health Sciences

Do any of the courses stand out as an option for you? If not do not worry because there are other options to choose from. For more information checkout MCAST-Northumbria nursing courses, and the University of Malta Faculty of Health Science.

International Students

As an international student you will need a few extra documents. First you will need to provide an English Exam Result that shows that you can both speak and write English fluently. Next you need to get your Foreign Qualifications recognised in Malta.

To do this you have to submit all your certificates to the National Commission for Further and Higher Education and Malta and European Qualifications Framework.

Lastly, you will need to pay for the course. The University of Malta degree costs approximately 10,000 euros per year, while the MCAST degree costs roughly 19,000 euros in total.

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