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How to Protect Your Family When Working With COVID-19 Patients

Updated: May 23, 2022

Everyone has the same topic in mind these days, COVID-19. While for most people this means staying indoors and getting bored, a lot of health workers are still going to work as normal.

Nurses, doctors, medical assistants, and anyone else who forms part of the healthcare team are all working around the clock to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. But they have a much bigger concern than getting bored, and that is

Bringing the virus back home

Medical workers are worried sick, that they will get infected at work and bring the virus back home and infect their families. So because of this, many of the medical workers have left the comfort of their own home and are living in self-isolation.

But this is not really an option for everyone. There are a lot of health workers who are still living with their family, with their kids and with their room mates. So we came up with the most basic ways for you to minimise the risk of infecting your home and your family:

1. Leave unnecessary items at home

Take a good look inside your work bag, and remove anything that you don’t really need. Things like your water bottle and coffee cups can be replaced by disposable ones ( we love the environment too, but for the next month we will use disposable things).

Ps. you probably don’t need your playing cards either (lol at Senator Walsh, if you don’t know this checkout: Senator says “Nurses play cards during their shift”, that bitch!)

2. Disinfect your Things

Before leaving the hospital, get a disinfectant wipe and wipe down your phone, pen, access card, work bag and anything else that you used during your day.

3. Change your work clothes

Never go to hospital in scrubs, and come back home with them! Clothes and shoes hold so many bacteria, viruses and dirt. So make sure to change your clothes whenever going to and coming from work. You should also have a separate bag to put in your used scrubs after your shift, this will allow you to do separate laundry when you go back home.

4. Shower at work, and as soon as you come home

If you have access to showers at work then use them. Always start by hand washing, and then take a quick shower at work. As soon as you arrive home, you should take a proper shower, wash your hair, and brush your teeth. Try to keep a separate bathroom, and separate towels if possible.

Ps. Give extra attention to your finger nails, make sure they are short and clean.

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