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Nursing Bag Checklist: Working with COVID-19 patients

Updated: May 23, 2022

In the hope of decreasing transmission of COVID -19, many hospitals require the staff to live in allocated housing. This means that nurses and doctors will be living away from their family and friends.

We understand that having to move temporarily may be stressful so we made some research to find out how nurses should prepare themselves and made a packing list of all your essentials:

Ps. If you are going to work with COVID-19 patients make sure to read it: Coronavirus: Getting Ready as a Nurse


  1. Wallet

  2. Phone & Charger

  3. Laptop/Tablet & Charger

  4. Headphones

  5. Keys

  6. Ear Plugs

  7. Eye cover

  8. Clothes (Mostly comfortable clothing)

  9. Underwear

  10. Socks

  11. Work shoes and Extra shoes


  1. Period Supplies

  2. Hand wash

  3. Shower gel

  4. Shampoo & Conditioner

  5. Hair Ties/ Scrunchies

  6. Hair Pins

  7. Deodorant

  8. Make up

  9. Tweezers

  10. Nail Clipper

  11. Shaving razors, Shaving cream


  1. Personal regular medication

  2. Immune boosting supplements

  3. Electrolyte Sachets

  4. Paracetamol

  5. Barrier Cream

  6. Intensive moisturizing cream

  7. Hand sanitizer

  8. Alcohol wipes


  1. Fruit Juices

  2. Sports Drinks

  3. Water

  4. Coffee/ Tea

  5. Protein Bars

Personal Sentiments

  1. Blanket

  2. Mug

  3. Photograph

Depending on your facility you might need extra household items.

We wish you all the best of luck from The Nursing Journal. Your work is praised and appreciated by the whole nation!

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